Designer, product professional, amateur runner and budding sneakerhead. I get joy out of solving problems that help humans create positive habits and reach their life goals. I also make a mean Tonkotsu.

Initially starting out as a graphic designer some fifteen years ago, my love for tech and Social Sciences meant I quickly drifted towards UX and Product Design.


I spend my time leading Design and Product teams, gleefully balancing company objectives, Product Vision, and ensuring the development and growth of my colleagues.

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How We Learn

by Benedict Carey


The Infinite Monkey Cage

A BBC podcast about science



A book summerising app


I realised design was a possible career by around age 15 after a summer spent messing about on Photoshop and Freehand. I was attracted to both Design and Social Sciences and decided to read for a degree in Communications from the University of Malta (focusing on Visual Communications) with Psychology as my secondary area.


First, I was a graphic designer

On Graduating in 2006, I quickly landed at TBWA\ANG, one of Malta's leading agencies with clients on the island and beyond. I worked on advertising campaigns for McDonald's and GO (Malta’s leading communications services company) as well as Air Malta's inflight magazine Il-Bizilla.

Then I did something silly

By 2009 I was eager for a new adventure and in the midst of a global recession, I moved to Edinburgh. With full-time posts hard to come by, I became self-employed and evolved into a dependable and in-demand freelancer. I also started to switch my focus increasingly towards digital design.

Then I did something smart

I got a Masters degree in Design from the Edinburgh College of Art - University of Edinburgh! I had become increasingly passionate about User-centric Design and intrigued by User Research Methodologies, I combined that with my desire to get a post-grad degree and got an MA in Design focusing on UX, graduating in 2012.

Then London called

Keen to sample agency life once more, I joined Whippet as their go-to-guy for anything digital whilst also working on Advertising campaigns and Service Design. I collaborated directly with clients such as Tesco, Cadbury's, Coles in Australia and Target in the USA.


It was at around this time I created a Tube Map of Malta, which made some waves for a bit.

Then I took my biggest risk yet

In 2014, after just putting down a deposit on a flat and months away from getting married, I joined Lingvist as their first in-house Designer. Still a small-start-up at the time, Lingvist quickly grew and I with it. Over half a decade later I lead the Design chapter, manage Product squads and processes whilst also being a member of the executive team.


March 2020

Conquering problems through design thinking 

Ajujaht events, Tallinn

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